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Re: Trans/diff drain/fill proceedure??

I don't see any problem with your proceedure, Mike. Make sure you remove the
fill plugs first just in case you can't get one out. I didn't have any
problem with the plugs in my tranny. I haven't been able to budge either
drain plug in the rear diff, though - I'm going at them again today. The
fill plug in the rear diff came out OK, but it was bathed in oil from a
leaking seal.
    Note that the rear diff has 2 drain plugs, just like the tranny. The
rear plug drains the diff proper, the front plug drains the nose piece.
AFAIK, there is a bearing that separates the two areas, so this is probably
an overflow situation similar to the tranny. The Bentley sould give more
    I put Audi G50 synth in my tranny and am planning to put GL5 synth in
the rear diff if the drains come out. If they don't, well, it gets topped up
with hypoid 80W90!
    Note that you probably don't have to wait for the tranny to drain oil
into the centre diff. You can charge the correct volume of oil initially
because the correct operating oil level is 7mm below the fill plug. I think
the older 016 transmissions take 2.2 litres, but check the Bentley to
verify. It is also OK to fill the tranny to the fill plug level.
    The later 016 transmissions had the fill plug 15mm higher than the early
016's ( probably torsen vs locking centre diff), so they took more oil. Mine
takes 2.6 litres. I charged 3 litres and the level was about 1mm below the
fill plug.

Good luck with the plugs!

Fred Munro
'91 200q  261k km
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Subject: Trans/diff drain/fill proceedure??

>Since my regular mechanic is unavailable, I'll be having a "Saab
>changing my trans. and diff fluids (87 5k cstq). Would someone please
>the following procedures which I believe are correct and advise me? Mainly
>concerned that the center diff gets filled correctly.
>Trans/center diff:
>1)Loosen fill plug on warm trans, remove drains on trans. and diff., drain
>fluid, replace drain plugs.
>2)Fill trans, let sit a few hours to allow fluid to enter center diff.,
>trans, replace fill plug. Should take about 3 qts. (Redline MT 90)
>Rear diff:
>1)Loosen fill plug on warm diff, remove drain, drain fluid, replace drain
>2)Fill diff, replace fill plug. Should take about 1qt. (synth GL5)
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