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Re: this weekend's driveway adventures

Dan Simoes wrote:

> 4) Continued diagnosing the heating problems (ie very weak heat).
>    I bought a container of Prestone flush and a backflushing kit,
>    which I used to some success.  While backflushing the motor with
>    a garden hose, I could feel decent heat coming out of the vents.
>    When revving the motor up, it was pretty acceptable.
>    The heater core has good flow, in both directions.
>    I then refilled with Prestone (phoshate free) and buttoned
>    everything up.
>    Result: Heat is slightly better but still unimpressive.
>    I'm stumped.  I'm going to check the temp senders inside
>    the car, but I'm convinced it's a plumbing problem.  No
>    idea what though.

It's possible the air volume blowing across the heater core is
insufficient due to plugging up from dirt and dust in the fresh air
entry area or on the heater core itself.

Another thing that's possible is the recirc flap is probably stuck

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