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Re: Eddy at Wolfsport is a great guy to know

I had forgotten that Eddie knows Howard, but to add to the accolades: We
recently bought Koni Sports and Eiback's for our 200 Wagon. Wolf Sport
has the only Eiback's in the country for the 5000/100/200 series cars so
we jumped on a set at $275.00. Problem was, these were designed for the
Sedan and the Wagon's extra weight sets behind the rear axle. This
caused the car to look like it had a load of cement bags in the back.
And on the Seat of the Pants (SOP) skid pad the car plowed, badly enough
that on a rainy day there was no traction in the front.

Eddie quickly had the car in for a complete analysis of the problem.
After doing a tear down to check for any installation problems we
designed a shim for the spring carrier on the rear shocks. A few days
later, his crew installed the new shims, raising the rear of the car 15
mm. Now the beast looks and feels the way I wanted.

Wolf Sport company could have just told me "Sorry" and given me my money
back but they went way, way out of the way to make this project work.
Its hard to find this kind of service but like Howard says, "Eddie is
the man."