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Re: Fall Tour

At 08:59 AM 10/30/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>Someone, send us some specifics!
>>>attend this Sunday's Bear Mountain Fall Foliage Tour.
>I gotta chime in:  Last weekend, I made the incredible blunder of suggesting
>spontaneously that we take a drive to Bear Mountain 

BTDT, brandon.  You are so right.  I am in NYC and am free this Sun. for a
group drive.  Can you suggest another route we could do?  I have found some
great roads in North. Westchester, but am not familiar enough to find those
again and lead a tour.  if someone else can, I'll take the no. 2 spot in
the line-up!  What about Thunder Mtn/Ringwood and places like that on the
NJ/NY border? Good stuff in sw Fairfield Co. Ny/CT border?

other listers interested?

Bryan Kamerer