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Re:Winter tires

But until I do, I must report a much more frightening experience with yokos.

Couldn't disagree with you more, kerry (no insult intended).  My Yoko
experience vs. Blizzak and hakka-equipped cars in identical conditions have
been very, very similar to the point of variances unable to be explained
independent of tire size/car weight/engine and braking systems.  The dry
perf. of the yoko and longer reported life vs. Blizzak imho therefore gave
them the tip of the hat.

I think we are prolly splitting hairs on variables our seat-of-the-pants
testing can't control and have to probably back off and say they are both
good, but seek out someone with same car/same climate for really reliable
comparison.    I am using the yokos in a colder, wetter-snow environment
than you, and maybe the difference lies there.  It was significant you
pointed out both a) elevation  and b)water content of snow.  I bet that's
making a big difference in what we feel/experience.