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Re: 5KTQW Low End Power

In a message dated 11/15/98 spsherm@ibm.net writes:

<< Yes I know that these are wagons, and therefore are carying around a bit
more metal, glass and whatever than the coupes.  And I know that we at a
relatively high altitude which hurts too.  But isn't there anything that can
be done move the effective RPM range with some torque down from the
3k+ range where it is now? >>

Uh...a big block? Seriously, the 5ktq wagon gives away very little to the 5ktq
sedan weight-wise. You are seeking torque, not power. By the sounds of it,
lots of torque. You are working with 2.2l displacement and a turbo...there is
only one way to get power and that is keep the revs up and stay in the sweet
spot of the power band. The bright side is that, to a point, these cars love
to rev so just plant that right foot a bit harder. (Or buy a suburban with a
454 and even that won't do too well at 8000 feet I bet.)

To try and be a little more helpful, I understand that the single knock sensor
MC engine that has a K-24 turbo has better low end torque. Some of our turbo
experts may want to comment on that turbo at 8000 feet though. Also, the
easiest way to make that change would be to buy an 89 1/2 - 90 200q wagon
rather than mod the one(s) you have. My guess is the improvement may not be
that dramatic but perhaps worth a test drive. HTH

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq