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5KTQW Low End Power? Yes.

Someone wrote...

> relatively high altitude which hurts too.  But isn't there anything that can
> be done move the effective RPM range with some torque down from the
> 3k+ range where it is now? >>

And Mike said...

> Uh...a big block? Seriously, the 5ktq wagon gives away very little to the 5ktq

_Great_ idea, MIke.  :-)   I like your way of thinking here.  I think Bob 
Dupree would too.

> To try and be a little more helpful, I understand that the single knock sensor
> MC engine that has a K-24 turbo has better low end torque. Some of our turbo

I could see that.  A small turbo will do wonders for low end, but I 
suspect that even a big turbo can be made to perform better than the 
standard issue K26.  Scott Justusson gave me a ride in an RS2 (or 
something like that) equipped 5KCSTQ once that had seriouas boost way 
before 3000 rpm.

I also found on my own car that by optimizing intake airflow and exhaust 
flow post-turbo, I could get over 10psi by 2000 rpm in 1st gear.  I was 
at full boost long before 3000 rpm.  That was with a stock K26 turbo.

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