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RE: Another wonderful(not) Audi defect

> 	perhaps cable lube kits (available for motorcycles)
> 	would prolong the life?  there might be a reason not
> 	to use this stuff on cars/audis, and if so i am sure
> 	someone will pipe up.
The issue is not one of the cable wearing through, it is that there is a
high stress point for the cable at the point where the cable contacts the
guide on the throttle body, and with repeated bending and pulling the
strands of wire break.  I am of the opinion that if the cable is misadjusted
so that there is excessive tension on the cable at WOT it exacerbates the
failure.  '

It is also true that the throttle cable is a sleeved unit that should not
require lubrication.  I would expect any cable lubricant would just gum the
thing up ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

BTW, since your car is a QTC it suffers from a different problem WRT the
throttle cable ... it has the foam rubber "spools" that isolate the pedal
from the cable.  Over the years the foam rubber deteriorates until one day
when you are expecting to accelerate and the cable pops out and the return
springs take you back to idle ...