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RE: bose cd for v8q

Well, just the other day I posted that the "factory" unit looked like an
add-on RF modulated unit based on what I read from the service
documentation.  While I never heard from anyone with a V8, I did hear from a
couple of folks with similar 200Qs and they confirmed my suspicions, the
factory unit is not integrated with the "Bose" head at all, a separate CD
controller is mounted near the armrest.  My recommendation to you is to do
the same thing that I am planning ... rather than to pay the premium that
someone is likely to ask for a factory unit (and the effort to try to find
one in the first place) go out and buy the unit of your choice that connects
via an RF modulator and hook it in yourself.  I'll be looking to get a 10
disc Sony unit to have a compatible disc magazine to the one I've got in the
5kCSQA ...

Apparently in the 200Q the deck is mounted to the top of the trunk behind
the trunklid.  I don't know if this is where it is mounted on the V8 ... I
usually try to mount it in a less obvious location.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> have the bose am/fm/cassette in a 1990 v8q and looking to add the
> factory cd......anyone looking to sell one,  let me know