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Re: Flushing oil

Brett Dikeman <brett@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net> writes:

>While in the local AutoZone, I spied a can of the 
>flushing oil I've heard about.  Phil said he uses 
>something like this, but I think his flushing oil 
>was just 0W0 oil and nothing more.  This stuff seems 
>to have some detergent in it, which Phil didn't mention 
>andthing like that.

>Is this the same stuff, and is it generally safe for use?

I wouldn't risk anything like this is an older car. One
Mercyless Benz owner who put some engine flush (I think
it was Motor-Medic) in his 500SEL found out the hard
way what happens when benign crud from one part of 
the engine gets dislodged.  The oil sludge and carbonated 
bits blocked both oil rails, the camshafts and cam bearings 
were toasted. 

In my misspent youth, before tearing down an engine for
rebuild or modifications, we used to put about a quart of 
kerosene in the oil and run it, used to do a good job 
of cleaning everything out, especially the hard crust 
deposit you get on the timing chain area of 'merican iron.



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