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Re: oil change interval

Mike, I couldn't agree more. I always had german cars and I had several Audis as
well. However, in the case of the Audi I always hated the lack of power untill I
got my quattro. (Now I only wish I had more power in first gear from starting.)
I also agree with your attachement for your car, because I kind of feel the same
way. I also have to admit that, that particular Oldsmobile was probably so good
on oil because the original owner who is a friend of mine had maintained the car
particularly well. So it's about time to smarten up and do the same thing.
Any way you can look up the suggested synth for my car? Thanx


Mike Mulholland wrote:

> zsolt wonders in a previous post "if synthetic's so good, why change at such
> an early interval"
>         zsolt, my 86 5kcdtq, much like joels also has a high mileage
> (315,000km) and the original untouched engine. it never uses oil between
> changes and in my case the lifters definitely become noisier after the
> magical 3000 miles/5000km. i recycle my used audi oil into the lawn tractor
> and lawnmower...they run quieter on it than on new regular oil. i agree that
> a big merican v8 can take abuse. i've btdt several times...but now i own a
> wonderful vehicle that cost very little..has a unique character and has
> given me more enjoyment than any of the v8's which were merely turnkey
> appliances. because of the attachment i have for this vehicle, it would feel
> wrong to not care for and maintain it. not only is it a fun and fast car for
> me, it's a car that my wife loves...for its handling stopping and
> power...and safety. it's also not a car i have to search for in a parking
> lot..it stands alone and i like that.
> mike
> 86 5kcdtq
> 84 5ks
> 84 5ksw