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RE: 4kCSQ differential question

Speaking of the differential... I can't get my rear to lock up.... I asked a
mechanic about it and he said I should never need it... (he doesn't know me
too well) My 4ksq is an 85'.  Is the rear differential controlled by a

Cory Meyer
85' Audi 4ksq

>Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 14:52:06 -0500
>From: Robert_Manger@mastercard.com
>Subject: 4kCSQ differential question.
>I have noticed that I can not lock either differential >on my 4kCSQ.  This
>is a new thing, since  I bought the car it worked.  Is >there something
>simple to look for?  I already checked the fuse.  Where >do I start to look