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RE: Losta Audis on TLC

> The show had a section on Aluminum cars, but failed to mention the A8.
> They were all hung up on the 
> prowler.
... that and some _future_ Ford product that was _going_to_be_ all aluminum.
All in all I thought it was a very good show ... I'm glad that it will be on
again this weekend so that I can record it!  I'm also surprised that noone
has mentioned that yellow W12-based VW that they showed on the road ...

> All in all a very enjoyable show with a surprizing amount of audi content.
... agreed!  It was nice to see!

Did anyone else watch the show on 4WD that followed?  It basically covered
the nice things that AWD has brought to automotive technology (and space
exploration ... :) ... I was disappointed that they didn't cover what AWD
brought to rallying.  I've gotta say that it is amazing to see how much
development there has been in long travel suspension design!  They showed
some trucks that race the Baja 1000 which have 30" of suspension travel!
Watching these trucks drive along at 150MPH on an unimproved trail, with
what appears to be quite a bit of damping to the body of the truck was quite
intriguing.  The show said that there was some new sort of universal joint
that was developed for these trucks that has not made it to production as
yet.  I would imagine that these suspensions would have a major body roll
problem on a twisty course though ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)