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Re: Correct lift points for 5K/200

Wallace White
> Peter -
> Did you ever decide where to jack your car? My 5kcstq is the same
> arrangement, and I've been continuing to use the car's jack, because I
> know I can use it without damaging the underbody, and then putting
> jackstands under the rubber discs. But I would rather not use the car's
> jack so much!

I have been doing two things:

a.  Lifting via the front subframe (Placing the floor jack slightly
    toward the drivers side)  Make sure that the floor jack plate is
    on the subframe NOT interfering with the sump :-))  The subframe
    has previous dents from this kind of abuse.

b.  Lifting using the floor jack on the slotted points:

    -              -
       X        X
       X        X
    -              -

Where X represents the rubber blocks and - the slotted points.  If I
place the floor jack on an angle away from the wheel I get enough
clearance to place a jackstand under the rubber block:
      /   <- This is the floor jack
    O              -
       X        X
       X        X
    -              -

I also received word from another lister (sorry don't remember the
name) who uses the front and rear subframes, I have not tried this
yet.  Given the rear subframe is where the tow bar attaches I suspect
it is quite strong.

Peter Golledge