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Re: Datsun F10 (continuing an appalling lack of Q content)

True for 99's and later SAAB's, but step #1 on a Sonett is "Remove Body".

Step #2 is "Remove Drivetrain"

Repair manual recommends that you also cut out a section
of the frame above the radiator and weld it back in when you're
re-installing the drivetrain.

BTDT many times, once outside at 0 degrees F.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI

BTW:  Just looked at one of the nicest Sonett's I've seen in years.
'73, purple (looks better than it sounds), NO RUST!, about $3500.  Guy has 
almost twice that invested.  E-mail for more info.

<<saab's have same clutch deal.  i love to change the clutch in a saab, it's
just too easy.  have done it at least once just for fun.>>

<<<> Talk about japanese engineering, I could change a clutch in that
> car in 45 minutes start to finish.  You did not have to pull the trans
> to get to the clutch.  There was a plate you removed from the inner left
> front wheel well then removed 5 bolts from the end of the tranny.  Out
> came the input shaft and gear then you pulled the clutch from the top.>>>