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SUV's getting stuck

> wheels spin or otherwise encounter resistance. "When you are stuck, you've
> got to accept the fact that you are stuck," says Greg Urban, service
> director at Land Rover of Hinsdale, a Chicago suburb.
> A Good Tradeoff
> But many don't. Over the weekend, Mr. Urban's dealership towed in one Range
> Rover and two Land Rovers whose drivers had burned out their transmissions.

Fair point, but in the 20" of snow that fell in Toronto on Sunday our Landrover
had no problems on the unploughed roads. I wouldn't have attempted to take
the 5ktq down the drive never mind onto the street (until the ploughs went by).

I wonder how many of the Landrover owners with wrecked transmissions 
bothered to engage the center diff locks..... In fact I wonder how many of the
(recently sold) Landrovers in NA have ever had their center diff lock engaged or 
low gears used.

The missus was well impressed with the Landy with the center diff locked.

Regards, Mike