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Mac 11 chip-o-rama

Starting to work on my 86 5ktq CD, I have an extra MAC-11 computer and a
pair of already-programmed "make-it-fly!" EPROMs.

I also have a stiffer waste-gate spring already coming from another lister.


I know which chip to remove (there's only one 28 pin chip) - is there room
to put in a low profile ZIF socket, or should I just put in a regular 28
pin IC socket for the "hot" EPROM?

I seem to remember something about a change involving a zener diode and a
variable resistor ("schrapnel-knobben") - which zener, what changes?

The two EPROMS I have are marked "Overboost 1.95" and MAC11 C5 or G5 or 65
- anyone know what these are?

Note that I have an EPROM burner so I can read and write to these chips -
any programming changes or different software I should know about?

Best Regards,

Mike Arman