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RE: NON-AUDI: 1982 Lambo Countach for sale

In message <19990122131114.20396.qmail@hotmail.com> "Mike Del Tergo" writes:

> Unfortunately that doesn't stop alot of people from investing twice as
> much into a resto job as the finished car is worth and then thinking
> that they can recoup that cost.

My father in law has an Austin Healey Sprite.  It's in _very_ poor
condition but totally complete, including all the "AH" logos, hub
caps, badged instruments, etc.

He would have to reshell it (GBP2500) and restore the interior,
including the seats, dashboard, etc.

Once done, it would be worth GBP3500 - maximum.  To get there would
cost perhaps GBP6000.

He's selling to the Owners Club for breaking - the engine has only run
5000 miles since a rebuild, and the running gear is all in order.

 Phil Payne
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