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suspension clonk


I replaced the four wishbone (control arm) bushes on my 2wd audi 80 
a few weeks back. for about 200 miles this made the steering nice and 
sharp, good feel , and made the ride much smoother and the car better 
to drive. However, after thrashing the car and abusing the clutch a 
for 20 odd miles, I noticed an annoying clonk when starting off and 
braking hard. This got worse over say 200 miles until it clonked when 
I changed gear etc. and sounds very bad. The steering isn't good 
anymore and I can actually feel it drifting when turning a corner, or 
braking especiacially on a poor surface. 
I have a feeling that this could be the subframe mounts.
However, I remember now the same clonk directly after taking the car 
for a test run after replacing the wishbone bushes when braking hard 
into a bend, but thought little of it at the time supposing that the 
new bushes were just settling in. 
Has anyone got any ideas if the repalcement of the new bushes and the 
clonk are related. - It seems suspisous that the new clonk started 
after replacement!? (I checked the bolts holding the new bushes. and 
it can't be that the new rubber has torn?)

I bought new subframe bushes a while ago trying to solve another 
clonk but gave up replacing them since it seemed so hard to get the 
old ones out. - looking through the archive it seems a very rare 
replacement - anyone got tips? take whole subframe out?

Also do u think any damage will be done if I drive around for a few 
more weeks like this? (apart form bad handling)


Ed Shiers

ps. does anyone know of a good site documenting procedures like this?

'85 80 sport ,  217,000 m