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Re: Shop charges...

>Sleezy is the word!  The dealer here does this and on small jobs it can be
>close to 10%!  Wait.  Have you seen the "environmental charge" yet?  Trust
>me.  You will.  This adds $$.  I've even seen this at the U-pull type
>yards.  That $5 part that you take up to the counter had better be dry (no
>oil, anti-freeze, PS fluid, etc.) or there may be a $5-$10 fee added on top
>of the cost of the part!

Yep, shops do that here, too, but only if the work involves toxic materials
... as I understand it, they only get to keep but a small piece of this for
handling and pass the rest along to the state.  On the plus side, state law
also requires anybody who services cars to accept oil for recycling free of
charge, which is a lot more convenient than running around town to a disposal

>I hate the nickel and dime stuff...

I can live with nickel-and-dime stuff; it's the fin-and-sawbuck stuff that
gets to me!