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Do it yourself garages - 4

Someome wrote (I've gone through more than 200 e-mail tonight, sorry can't
remember who wrote it):
"Does anybody know whether such things as Do-it-yourself garages exist in
the U.S.?"

Very common back in my home country, Sweden. The "OK" chain of gas stations
has this with "do-it-yuorself" garages with lifts, water and air on all
their larger locations. No support though and all tools to be brought by car
Been looking for it in the US too, would be happy with access just to a lift
and protection from the elements, but never been successful in my quest. Any
insurance people on the list that has any idea of what the liability
insurance could run up to? Since I think it is a great idea and there's
truly a demand for it in a car crazy nation like the US. Elsewhere, a simple
waiver of liability would work, why not here (I know the answer...)?

P-O Selander, Bellevue, WA
89 100E
91 300ZXTT