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Re: 4kq blues....

I did tighten them when under load (set control arm down on jack stand)
But the problem was The alignment machine @ the shop I was going to 
was way out of wack... 1.75 toe in the rear.... realized it last 
night (late) after looking the whole rear end over.....
Took it to another shop they aligned it and the car drives great!!!
Went back to other shop talked to owner... turns out machine was 
re-calibrated 2 days ago because of alignment complaints....
I didn't go in ther thinking I would get anything out of it but they
offered to replace both rear tires....
What a day and honest guy....
Hard to find people like this nowadays.....
Needless to say my depression is gone and back to happy q-land :>

Thanks everyone for suggestions but I am glad I did not have the dealr
look @ it to tell me I need an alignment....
BTW, this was a HUNTER laser-alignment machine.....

Rich Andrews
> > ARGH!!! New 16's I am frustrated!!
> If you put stock control arm bushings in, then you would have to have been sure 
> to tighten the control arms to the subframe with them in the "at rest" 
> position, as was discussed lately.
> If not, then it is possible that the brand new bushings would be damaged very 
> quickly after installation.
> Ken