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Re: Do it yourself garages - 4

> "Does anybody know whether such things as Do-it-yourself garages exist in
> the U.S.?"
> Very common back in my home country, Sweden. The "OK" chain of gas stations
> has this with "do-it-yuorself" garages with lifts, water and air on all
> their larger locations. No support though and all tools to be brought by car
> owner.

about 16 years ago I drove my Vega from NH to KC MO, stopped along the
way in upstate NY to change the oil (???!??) at a place that rented a
bay with a lift for $10/hour.  Use your own tools.

I'm sure the potential of litigation in the US has eliminated this
wonderful concept.

I'm count myself triple lucky to live next door to a small shop run by a
really great guy, who lets me use the lifts after hours, even lets me
stick around after he is gone.  He helps me with diagnosis and
headaches, and I can even use his tools, though I try to bring my own

There is *no way* I could have swapped my rack (did it last night)
without a lift.  Not sanely, anyway.  And when the pinion shaft wouldn't
come out of the clamp he was down there getting dirty helping me figure
it out.  (dent puller worked...).

BTW, Jorgen told me to use CHF 7.1, yup, green gold, even when I called
back to make certain after picking up a couple of liters ($12 ea), they
said go with it.  Nicest smelling fluid in my car.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT