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88 80q Catalytic converter Symptoms

I did not mean to generate so much discussion over whether or not to use a cat
or it's benenfit on the enviornment. I am mearly attempting to troubleshoot
several different problems in my car at one time.

My simptoms are this-

1- Bad cold starts-- Starts fine but has nearly stalled idle until it warms

2- Poor warm starts --Takes 5 seconds or so to "Catch" but idles fine after it

3- Fouls plugs in about 2-3 thousand miles. (Black "spray paint" fouled)

4- Extreme loss of power when cold. Feels like "blaaaaaaaa" when you step on
the gas. OK when warm.

5- Stumbling power between 4k and 5.5k rpms. Good before and after that range.

6- Poor low end torque.

Things that I have done within the last 4000 miles
2 Oil and filter changes.
2 20oz bottle of techron
new air filter
cleaned waffle airway, throttle butterflies and the like with carb cleaner
new fuel filter
new w7tdc plugs
new bosch wires
new bosch cap and rotor

I've been on the list and asked a few of these questions separately, however
when added all up together I may be looking in a totally different direction.


Scott Calabrese

'88 80q
107,000 miles