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Re: Audi Gamma Stereo - comments??

John McAvoy wrote:
> >On Sat, 30 Jan 1999 11:08:48 you wrote:
> >Subject: Audi Gamma Stereo - comments??
> >OK - I have seen lots of discussion on Audi/Bose systems and how
> >bad/good they are.
> >I have an Audi Gamma unit in mine.  I am not particularly thrilled with
> >its sound AND and I can only turn it up...if I turn the volume down it
> >cuts out and I have to turn the radio off/on again.  Spoke to the dealer
> >and his procedure for fixing it would cost me the price of an
> >aftermarket head unit.
> >My questions:
> >- - My 94 90Q has a unit labelled Gamma - is this a Bose system?
> >- - will simply replacing the head unit on my car work or should I
> >consider an entire system replace (speakers et al)?
> >Ryan
> >94 90SQ
> Hi Ryan-
> I've had to deal with this exact problem!
> Issue #1 - your radio on/off/volume button will get worse over time.  My
> radio (gamma '93 90S) problems started in May last year with the radio
> cutting out every time I hit a pothole..eventually it developed the problems
> you described...by Thanksgiving, I couldn't get the thing to turn on.  The
> problem is in the potentiometer and will cost about $120 to fix.  (that's
> the word I got from the Audi authorized repair facility.  I was assured that
> they see this problem "all the time").  After a month without a radio, I
> treated myself to a new Blaupunkt w/CD player for Christmas.  It was a '98
> closeout and cost $200.  Installed it myself, keeping the original speakers.
> Well worth the additional $80.
> As for your questions:
> 1)  I believe the radio is manufactured by Blaupunkt in Portugal.  (Mine
> was.)  You can check by pulling the radio out of the dash.   There should be
> some stickers on the side of the radio.
> 2)  For the money, I would simply replace the radio.  You can always upgrade
> the speakers later if you feel the need.  Your new radio will provide better
> sound than the one you're replacing (especially if you upgrade to a CD
> player which I highly recommend).
> I'm interested it what you decide to do...keep me posted, OK?
> -John McAvoy
> 1993 '90S

Thanks John,

Looks like this isn't a rare problem I am dealing with.  I am definetly
leaning toward the replacement of the radio.

I haven't installed a car radio since I was a teenager (in a beat up '77
Toyota Corolla!), but if it is a simple removal and replacement and just
plug the wires I could do it.  From what I can remember from those days,
some of my concerns will be:
- is the radio slot a "standard" size and will a replacement slide in or
will I need some special gear (or worse yet - do some cutting)?
- Was it a straight swap, or did you have to buy additional amps etc?  I
have gotten a comment that the rear speakers have their own amp and the
front are driven from the amp in the head unit.  Will this make the
install difficult?
- was there lots of extra wiring?
- how does your radio work with the security system, antenna etc?

Since you have done the DIY thing would like your feedback.  (realizing
that this may not apply to every radio as I don't think they are all the
same).  Would like to get this resolved as it is really starting to tick
me off...I spent my entire drive home today turning the radio on/off.

94 90SQ