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Emissions Testing in Ontario

The powers that be (including the Toronto New Car Dealers Association) have
decided th begin mandatory emmissions testing in certain parts of Ontario
this spring. It includes a dyno run, so it it test under acceleration, and
under load, and I was told by the organization doing the testing that it is
much more difficult to pass without a kitty under these circumstances. Well
for that matter, there is an "equipment inspection" first, so it may be a
moot point. My U.S. "Catalyzer" model might need a kitty, hopefully not
having to be brought to Canadian specs, which includes EGR, and different
intake/exhaust manifolds, I believe..

(Get to the point, Steve)

Does anyone else have dyno-type emission inspections?...or equipment
inspections?...and am I on track about the EGR/manifold issue?



Steve Bigelow
1984 5000S US model, presently without cat (Canadian spec) and without EGR
(US spec)