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Re: Why FWD?

Mohamed El-Rouby wrote:

> There are many FWDer on this Quattro list.  Isn't is ironic that the
> Audi FWD is so advanced, BECAUSE it DOESN'T feel like FWD?  FWD as an
> enthusiast car just plainly is bad engineering.

Tell that to a die hard GTI or Corrado fanatic.  ;-)  For the record, I
have driven a front wheel drive A4 and they don't feel inferior to a
quattro model (except maybe in slippery conditions).

> And to those who own FWD Audi/VWs .. start your own group.  If you own a
> Quattro and own a FWD Audi, then please only post your Quattro stuff
> here.  If you don't believe this is a Quattro group...check the email
> address above....
> My two cents.

Ahh, we have an elitist among us.  ;-)  First things first, if you want
just the Quattro owners (big Q) to post to the list, then you too must
remain silent.  Since we're nitpicking, a Quattro (with uppercase Q)
refers to the "Original Quattro" or UrQ.  The rest of us own Audi quattros
(small q).   The name of the list may have quattro in it, but nowhere on
the list page does it say that discussions are limited to quattro models.
"The quattro list is a mailing list for discussing the ownership, driving
and repair of Audi automobiles."  (http://coimbra.ans.net/quattro.html)

Complain all you want, but the FWD owners are just as welcome here.  Sure,
I am a quattro (and Quattro) enthusiast, but I never look upon a
non-quattro owner as a 2nd class citizen.

My .02 cents in return,

Mason City, IA

'90 Coupe quattro 20V