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Part number chases

Huw writes:
>And the poor sap without fiche or reader can find it in the archives if
>Phil is asleep.  Does Phil sleep?  Or is "he" actually a cooperative
>association of three people constantly glued to VAG reference works,
>taking shifts eating, sleeping, and driving the UrQ?

No, Huw have you tried the archive search for PN?  I have, and find the fiche
at least a hundred times faster, and 10 times faster with a phone call to my
dealers.  If this "archive intention" is indeed Phil's proposed, then might I
suggest that Phil clean up the subject heading, instead of using the "need
help" of the original poster in the subj, why not issue the subject as what he
is digging for, like "PN - 84 Urq rear tie rod".  That would make the archive
search much friendlier, and might even add credibility to the whole idea.  Me,
I kinda figure, if we do enough of these, we could have every part number of
every quattro listed in the archives.  Hey Huw, it's already been done, where
do you think Phil (and a bunch of us other folk) get this info from?  

As for Phil accusing me of selfishness, I am.  I don't go to archives for
fiche numbers, in fact, since I service audis for a business, how bout I just
bury Phil in enough part numbers in a single week, so the archives can be done
sooner?  I don't go with the archive thinking, those who need the occasional
part number, can call the dealer.  Those that need many part numbers (me and
others here) can spend under 100bux and get them all for their car.  End of
WOB on PN.
Given the availability of fiche numbers are at everyones fingers that want
them, I'd sure like to see the archive search engines saved for a more useful
dedication than spinning an already available wheel

My .02

Scott Justusson