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Re: Part number chases

QSHIPQ@aol.com wrote:
> Huw writes:
> >And the poor sap without fiche or reader can find it in the archives if
> >Phil is asleep.  Does Phil sleep?  Or is "he" actually a cooperative
> >association of three people constantly glued to VAG reference works,
> >taking shifts eating, sleeping, and driving the UrQ?

I usually go to The Parts Connection's site to find the right number.
Today was the only time it failed me. Not because of the wrong number
but because the cannot get it (yet). The part is the bushings for the
front subframe( BTW, 857 199 415B (front) & 857 199 419B (rear)). If
anyone can confirm or deny the validity of these numbers please let
me know as I had to call the DEALER.

Posting the PN's with other info has helped me in finding what
I needed and I know has helped others especially when Phil Payne
pipes up and says that a number is wrong. This kind of info and
assistance is what keeps this list going strong.

Mostly lurking,
Dennis Whitson
'86 4KCSQ