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Re: I-5 10v NA power?

> > Put in a new low-restriction exhaust, and a Schrick cam, and
> > a K&N filtercharger, that will be good for about 20 more HP,
> > but at a cost of drivability and idling and low-end torque.
> > Cost is about $1500 total.
> >
> > The 10V NA motor is not really tunable, I have one myself.
> I would think that those mods would result in less than a 20 HP increase.

well, the 4kq manifold/downpipe is an instant 10.  it's the only
difference between the two cars (coupe and 4kq).  getting rid of the
"real" mufflers and the 1.5" pipe must be a couple more.  The cam must
be at least good for 2-5 - conservatively, right?

> Which Schrick do you mean?  I had a 268/272, K&N, and exhaust, and I'm not sure
> it was all that much better.  But then again, my butt is not a finely
> calibrated dyno, either.  I don't know that I know what 20 extra horses feels
> like.

on a car that starts with about 100, it should be a lot.  you know, like
20%.  Recently my coupe has been reminding my of my old 5kt (130 hp?
stock, heavier car) in the mid rpm/mid speed range.  Why the coupe seems
to have turbo lag I don't know, (maybe a bit flat from 3-3.5k rpm right
now?) but around 4k it just starts pulling like it's almost a sports

> No idle problems either, hence my wondering which duration cam.  Didn't lose
> much low end torque.  Gee, I guess I disagree with everything!  Except that the
> 10V NA is not really tunable.  Great motor though.

and advance the timing...

report on the 87.5 (2.3 liter motor) throttle body coming in a week or

I should really then get it running just right and find a way to test
the result.

And as Phil P. is fond of saying, get it working perfectly stock first,
there is a lot that can go wrong a bit (there must be 30 vacuum lines on
my car...) to detune the car.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT