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RE: any/all ur-q drivers (non-20v)

>This car is basically stock, purchased from Germany and Americanized in '85.

While I certainly wouldn't accuse the U.S.-spec Ur-Q of being capable of
reversing the rotation of the earth with its torque, it should definitely be
noticeably quicker than a stock '86 4k...

That said, my (limited) experience with federalized grey market cars is that
unless the work was done properly, it is quite likely that it will run worse
and not better than a regular U.S.-spec car.

>It has an analog dash (not all '85s were digital?), and there were
>inconsistencies with the numbers, but I honestly have the feeling it's a
>"legitimate" car.

It sounds like Allison's former car ... it's not white, without door rings, by
any chance?
>One other thing, there was a hydraulic leak, looked
>like the steering hose.  Is this the same $$ hose from a 5kt?

Odds are that it's the brake booster, which is unique to this car, not
officially rebuildable and incredibly costly ... try $800 or so from the
dealer (fortunately, some people can provide you with the necessary seals and
o-rings to rebuild it yourself if the bore's not damaged).  Frankly, in my
limited experience, *every* Ur-Q's hydraulic assist system leaks at least a
little bit every now and then...

>Any insight would be appreciated.

Although I personally love my Ur-Q, if you have to actually think about
whether you should buy one or not, then it seems to me that you probably
shouldn't.  For me -- and most of the Ur-Q owners that I know -- it's an
emotional decision, not a logical one, and buying one is usually the
realization of a dream they've had for a decade of more.  At least here in the
U.S., their performance in stock form can easily be bettered by any number of
cars that cost less to buy and less to maintain.  But no other car can still
bring me pleasure while sitting in the garage with the engine torn apart, as
is the case with mine at the moment.  I smile every time I take out the
garbage...  :^)