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CGT fender, hood etc.

I need a right fender  and hood for my 'new' 86 CGT.  Are these parts
interchangeable with the 4k?  Also, the trim bezel that goes above the r/h
headlight is missing.  Does anyone have a part# for this.  The left side has
two p.n.# on it: 857 853 835A and 811 855 835D.  I'm not sure why there are
2 #'s.  I need the p.n.# for the upper head light adjuster that slides into
the glass assembly.

The good news with the car is that the person I bought it from said that the
transmission housing was cracked and would need to be replaced.  Upon closer
examination I discovered that the bolts that secure the mount plate to the
transmission had just come out (big sigh of relief here).  The bad news is
that he must have driven the car for a while like this, because the front
engine shock mount had twisted up into the stop so hard that it bent and
ripped the core support in at least 3 places.  Off we go to the frame rack!

Sorry for rambling,  I just need a release for my anger at the ignorance of
some people.

Greg Herrmann
84 CGT
86 CGT (work in progress)