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Putting some in their places...

Ok.  Fine. 
You know, I think Audi's are really cool cars, too.  That's why I've bought
five of them.  BUT!  and this is a big but, they are most certainly not the
best performing cars in the qorld.  Even the Super! turbo quattro coupe was
defeated several times in my book of road comparisons.  Yes, they had good
things to day about the car, but today a GS-R Integra can basically keep up
with one.  Before you guys start screaming about mods, too, I suggest you take
a ride in a Jackson supercharged GS-R.  Pretty damn fast.  What it comes down
too is that a lot of you buy these cars as super performance cars.  And, as
stock, they are not.  And, sometimes modified, they are not (some are very
fast in a straight line and corner well, yes, but rarely better than the
competetion - exception S1, S2, RS2.).  Great in the snow and rain?  Yep.
Probably better than any other car in those conditions.  But, what I am a lot
of other people (read: all M car owners, all porsche owners, etc.) are looking
for is a car that can consistantly perform well in the dry.  And, I don't
really care what your S4 has in it, when it get's to the track, it's going to
get beaten by some super-trick BMW or Porsche.  Life.
That's why there are more flavors than just Vanilla.
Later!  This is the end of this bandwidth, as far as I'm concerned.