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Re: Girling 60 conversion.

Pat Martin wrote:
> Not sure why you would put those calipers on a 4kq or a coupe.  Pete
> Kunzlers 4ktq (featured in EC) has the g-60's on it and has little if any
> better braking than my stock brakes on my 4ktq.  This was beared out during
> 2 track days last summer.  Fade is as bad or worse and the hacking needed to
> make them work is not worth it IMO.  

Something went terribly wrong on his install then. All things being
equal (weight of cars, driving style, same pad compound etc) the G60
conversion should have easily out braked OE 4000 brakes. Just look at
the swept area and the clamping force. Twice the pistons, twice (approx)
the swept braking area. A correct G60 install on that car should suck
your eyeballs out.