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Free Coupe to a good home.


We are moving to upstate NY next week and the wife has determined that
the 1982 Audi Coupe has to go.  I would like to keep it as a project
and toy car but that does not seem to be practical.  If someone would
like it as a driving/project car they may have it for free.  If it
goes for parts I would like some money for it.

It is northwest of Boston MA USA.

I have not taken very good care of it in the last few years, but it does
have a new clutch, pilot bearing, tie rods, water pump, and seals at both
ends.  It runs well and I drive it to work every day.  It needs TLC plus
subframe bushings (one bolt is broken), an alignment, a valve cover gasket,
timing belt, and a few other things.  I have a small stock of parts both
new and used to attend to some of the other things.  The interior of the
doors are not assembled but I have all of the parts.  It has rust but
it is not obvious to the casual observer.  I have a set of good tires for
it but they are not all mounted (car wears crummy tires now).  I also have
the Bentley manual for it.  The AC does not work and the radiator fan has
a broken pin in it's connector.

I would like to get back into this at some point so I am keeping my tools
for now.

How do you guys convince your wives to let you keep your toys?  I am having
a hard enough time keeping the sailboat.

If I need to sweeten the deal some more, I can give you one of our cats also.
He has all of his shots but needs to have his teeth cleaned.  (I'm serious.)
Also available for some money is a baby changing table top and two window
air conditioners.

Pardon the non-Audi BW for that last paragraph, but I need to get rid of stuff.

Respond to me via e-mail here at hoefer@eng.pko.dec.com .

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe

Massachusetts, USA