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1987 5000S Quattro 5-sp for sale...

I was just at my mechanic's shop and noticed a 1987 5000 sitting in his
lot- it looked like it could use some wax, but was otherwise in great shape-
it even has the fuchs 5-spoke wheels.  He said he had just taken title to 
the car, after the owner decided he wasn't going to pay the $2500 to repair
the head after it bent a couple of valves at high speed when the timing belt
broke (?! - not an interference head, right?).  In any case, the car looked like
it was in good shape otherwise, and had about 130k miles.  I'm not sure what
they're asking for it, but I'm sure it will be a good deal (and this shop does
great work, so I wouldn't sweat the repairs, as long as they're factored into
the cost of the car).

The shop is Crossroads European in Durham, NC on Hwy 55., and you can
find out about them on their page at : http://www.crosseuro.com
They have a classifieds section, but I didn't see it up there at this time.

As usual, no affiliation, blah, blah, blah.