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Re: 1987 5000S Quattro 5-sp for sale...

In message <0D4CDC691CA3D211BF0B00104B2ABA726B06D4@imps0044.us.dg.com> "Thomas, Nathan" writes:

> I was just at my mechanic's shop and noticed a 1987 5000 sitting in his
> lot- it looked like it could use some wax, but was otherwise in great shape-
> it even has the fuchs 5-spoke wheels.  He said he had just taken title to
> the car, after the owner decided he wasn't going to pay the $2500 to repair
> the head after it bent a couple of valves at high speed when the timing belt
> broke (?! - not an interference head, right?).

Nope.  An MC-1 will _always_ interfere at high revs, and many can't
be turned by hand.  Same applies to the ur-quattro MB, the MC-2 and
the 1B.

However - the repair is cheaper than that.  An exchange head plus my
famous head removal checklist (thanks again to Scott Mockry for his
contribution) should fix it for $1600 or so.

 Phil Payne
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