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Re: V8 Headlight bulbs and brake accumulator questions

someone wrote:
I bought a pair of Wagner "Xenon BriteLite" my local auto parts had. I
first changed one side and compared to the stock light of the other -- no
change in color nor brightness. Either that or I was going blind looking
straight at the light beam.

My own experience with the Wagner Xenon BriteLite is at odds with this
description.  I've used them on an '89 Golf, '91 Jetta, and now my wife's
'91 Audi 100, and several of my parents cars, with good results.  In each
case the bulbs replaced were standard halogen's.  I felt that the Wagner
bulbs gave a noticable brighter light and, more importantly, provided
greater contrast (IMO, this is more important than just higher light
output).  The Wagner bulbs sell for about $10 at one of the local parts

However, if you can find them I think you will be happier with the Narva
Xenon bulbs made by Phillips (I think).  When I bought my 89 200tq in
December 1998 I was _______ (horrified, frightened, insert any other
appropriate adjective here) at the quality of the lights.  I actually took
it to the dealer twice and was told basically that 'well, the lights on that
model weren't very good'.  I found the Narva bulbs for $16 each at the same
parts place and found them to provide even better light and contrast than
the Wagner bulbs.  The Narva bulbs have almost (I said almost, folks!)
improved the lighting on the 200tq to the point where I can actually see
what I'm about to run over!!! :) 

Seriously, any 200tq owner that hasn't yet or won't be upgrading to
Eurolights should run the Narva bulbs.  I've only found them in DOT wattages
(#9004 for the 200tq).  They are worth the extra money over the Wagner
bulbs.  I have a lot of trouble believing the PIAA ads, and can't imagine
they rate the prices I've seen quoted ($40+).

just my opinion .......everybody has one (opinion, that is).

Bob Enis
Knoxville, Tn
89 200tq
90 100