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200 update


In all fairness, I think disappointment is too strong a word for the
situation you described. The stuff that you are describing is _MINOR_, and
will take very little to fix. Think about what you _could_ have discovered
on your car, and smile. My understanding is that you can NEVER expect any
used car to be in a "needs nothing" condition. (It does sound funny doesn't
it, "needs nothing"... to do what? to start and stop and turn left and
right and pass the inspection? or to deliver a breathtaking like-new
performance? sellers and buyers always use different definitions...) Seems
that the money you paid over the market value got you an honest seller who
is willing to get things right, which is already a lot, not to mention not
having to spend half a year trying to track down a "great deal"  with a
blown head gasket and a trashed bottom end. btdt.

Conclusion --- Cheer up and enjoy this great car. You will get your money's
worth .