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Re: anyone done

AudiFever@aol.com wrote:
><< Turbo cars generally will not be converted to run on LPG- it runs hotter
> than petrol or diesel. >>
>	LPG may have a higher flame temp, but it produces less energy that
>gas when a vehicle is converted. I had a '73 Dodge truck with a 318 C.I.D.
>engine that was set up as a dual fuel vehicle. LPG cost was much lower, but
>the energy and mileage was less as well. There was a noticeable difference in
>acceleration between the two, plus a gallon of LPG did not last quite as many
>miles. But, as I recall, the LPG was cheap enough at the time that it was
>cost effective to use.

It's certainly cheap here- $.45/litre as opposed to $1.10/litre for regular
unleaded. It's also more environmentally friendly, because it burns
cleaner. If you look at LPG-powered cars, their engines are a lot cleaner
and generally free of carbon deposits. The oil in my brother's old
LPG-powered Nissan Primera looked like new even though the car had done
200k km. You should see the oil in my 90q...
The lower energy content has been largely negated by developing the newer
3rd-gen LPI setups- these offer the same fuel mileage and acceleration
figures as conventional fuel. The only downsides are the rather high
conversion cost (some $2000) and the loss of luggage capacity because of
the LPG tank.
Here in Holland, you're also punished by a huge road tax increase if your
car runs on LPG- by 250%, to be precise.