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Re: 9004->9007 upgrade?

I did the conversion last fall.    Excelent light upgrade for only $26.   I
suggest it highly if one doesn't feel the need to spend $300 on Euros.    I
have a link on my webpage for doing the conversion.

You do need to swap 2 of the 3 wires...  There is some minor modification
done to the lens reflector itself.

good luck.

cory meyer
85 4ksq
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Date: Wednesday, May 12, 1999 3:43 PM
Subject: 9004->9007 upgrade?

>I forgot: There was talk of changing from 9004 bulbs to 9007
>bulbs (on '4-eqipped 4ks?) some time ago.
>I'm wondering:
>-how difficult is the modification to the bulb?
>-is there a difference in the bulb pinout? (Can one fix that in the posts
> between the bulb base and the bulb?)
>-is it worth the effort?