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Re: New BMW television campaign

Phil Payne decided to speak these words:

>a) A spinning top. "Everyone knows that moving objects should be
>   balanced.  That's why BMWs distribute exactly half the braking force
>   to each axle."

This is just funny.  From what i know, the ABS 5.x that the cars nowadays 
run always have a 50/50 distribution simply because the ABS is able to 
compensate for the rest.  They originally found in the early systems that 
the optimal braking was not achieved because there was not enough 
pressure that was able to go to the rears to allow them to brake 
enough...They are just saying what they have and that what everyone else 
shares, but didnt think to advertise, yet.

>b) A man on a unicycle. "Transmitting power through the wheels you
>   steer with can lead to instability.  That's why BMWs reserve one
>   axle for steering and one for power."

Blah blah blah...


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