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Re: Boost drops '91 200 tq

The potentiometer is located within the throttle switch housing on the
'91 200 (possibly other motronic cars as well). According to Scott M. it
tells the ECU how rapidly you are mashing the throttle. If you buy a new
throttle wot/idle switch, you get a new pot as well since it is built

Daniel Hussey wrote:
> What the heck is a potentiometer?  A mechanic told me that he checked the
> codes in my car and said mine was bad.  This was about a year ago and I
> thought nothing of it (mainly because I didn't know what it was).  Anyways,
> I guess my car has one.... and could this be what is causing my low boost
> problem????
> So what the heck is a potentiomenter, what does it do, and where can I find
> it in the engine bay?  Is it connected with the WOT switch somehow?
> Any help appreciated.
> Later,
> Dan
> 89.5 200TQ