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Re: Resetting Oil Service Indicator

I'm sure it has been mentioned before on the list, but 
I'll mention it again. A company called Carcomp Inc. 
(www.carcomp.com) offers a software package w/ 
appropriate harnesses to do all the functions of the VAG 
1551/1552 units. We use one at the shop & have had very 
good success with it. It runs around $500, you supply the 
laptop. It is still expensive for the average Audi owner 
to purchase, however, a group split would make it very 
affordable (no reason to pay the dealer $ 65 + to access 
fault codes, etc.). HTH
Ron Wood-Audis a plenty
82 & 83 UR-Q
84, 85, 87 4KQ
87.5 CGT
90 90Q-imsa replica project ?
84 A2 Rally Coupe Quattro