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Re: ETKA CD's becoming an audifans fundraiser.

	yes, i can donate an electronica track.

On Mon, 28 Jun 1999, eric augustyn wrote:

]>Already have ETKA. But as a huge ska music fan, how 'bout a Flip Ya For
]>Real CD? Ska for the Audi cause? I'm open.
]>Craig Lebakken
]>1986 4KQ
]sounds like a good idea.  especially since we own the copyright :)  anyone
]else interested in creating a audicans.com benefit compelation?  are there
]any members in a band that would be willing to "donate" a song to a
]compelation cd?  is this starting to sound like an 8th grade student
]council fundraiser?
]Eric Augustyn!
]CT's favorite Punk/Ska band!
]Show Dates for June!
]July 10th!
]At the Tune Inn in New Haven, CT for the Sgt. Scagnetti relelease party!!!!
]This will fuckin rock!!!!!
]July 30th!
]At the El 'n' Gee in New London, CT for the Sgt. Scagnetti relelease
]party!!!!  This will fuckin rock!!!!!
]August......Webster punk fest!
]Sept.........CMJ Music festival in NYC!

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