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sub lists

The list isn't particularly broken, so I think we shouldn't be trying to
fix it . . .

I'm getting three to five digests a day, and can go through them in five to
seven minutes each - unless there's something I'm particularly interested
in or someone I need to answer.

In return for fifteen to twenty minutes a day, I get thousands of dollars
worth of free advice, have bought parts, made friends, learned how to fix
stuff (and passed this along), etc. Much better return on my investment
than the same time spent watching TV, thank you!

The fact that cars I don't own (4000s, URQs, etc.) are on the list doesn't
bother me at all - I just skim the digest and read what I want, just like
the newspaper. Eventually, I will probably have some newer Audis than the
ones I have now, and the comments about these cars (which I am reading now)
will mean a less steep learning curve when I DO get the S-6 of my dreams -
I'll have had a sneak preview!

Fragmenting this list into even smaller segments may be counterproductive.
Remember that there simply are not that many of us to start with, and there
will eventually be fewer and fewer of us simply because Audi isn't making
any more 5TQs, 4KQs. URQs, etc. I'd hate to see this list drop below
"critical mass" and die because it is so fragmented that there are only two
members on each of 350 microscopic sub-lists.

Just because we *CAN* do something (exotic filtering, microscopic
categories) doesn't mean we *SHOULD* do it. Also remember that someone has
to categorize all this, filter it, sort it, and heaven forbid someone makes
a mistake in their subject line and winds up in the wrong category - we'll
NEVER be able to recover it!

Don't complicate - simplicate.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman