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Re: Warm Up Hesitation

Just a thought.  Try having your base mixture readjusted.  It worked on my 5TQW.

Colin Hames
'86 5TQW
'98 Passat 1.8t

River6822@aol.com wrote:

> Car : 88 80q I5 2.3L
> Recent Alteration: New Bosch Universal 3 wire oxygen sensor.
> Problem: Reguardless of outside temperature, the car has rather significant
> hesitation upon acceleration during the warm up period. This occurs both at a
> total cold start or a warm start that has sufficient time to lower the engine
> temperature down to about 1/2 normal operating temperature.
> Any suggestions on what to check ?
> Scott Calabrese
> http://members.aol.com/river6822