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RE:Warm Up Hesitation

>Car : 88 80q I5 2.3L
>Recent Alteration: New Bosch Universal 3 wire oxygen sensor.
>Problem: Reguardless of outside temperature, the car has rather significant
>hesitation upon acceleration during the warm up period. This occurs both 
>at a
>total cold start or a warm start that has sufficient time to lower the 
>engine temperature down to about 1/2 normal operating temperature.
>Any suggestions on what to check ?

if it helps your starting to prime the gas pedal, then i would check your 
control pressure regulator.  when this fails, the FI system 
(CIS E, i believe) has trouble maintaining pressure adequate to the task 
of feeding all of the fuel lines - without help from the gas pedal - 
until the system is very warm, thus leading to a very rough warm-up idle 
and sometimes difficulty starting.

now, this advice comes from experience on a VW rabbit (CIS, not CIS E), 
but i think that the systems are similar enough that i may be on to something.  

hope that i could be of some help.

-  joe-the-new-guy
1990 80Q 138k - sunning itself in my driveway