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Re: bashing Detroit

>lots of companies
>out there that would kill to have that kind of brand loyalty. Most of them
>don't. There was a time when brand loyalty meant something. Not any more, 
>my mind. But there are still lots of folk who buy that way and 
>do a lot to keep brand loyal customers.

I believe Toyota has the strongest brand loyalty in the US, well earned from 
years of having the highest customer satisfaction.  Not the “highest 
customer satisfaction six months from sale based on GM customer survey” I 
see in small print on GM ads, but real satisfaction.  The company is 
thoroughly steeped in customer satisfaction, like Chrysler is steeped in 
sucking quality out of every step if it saves a penny.  And Toyota is 
gaining while Chrysler is losing – surprise!  Audi is doing well because it 
builds good cars, but it could learn a lot from Toyota.

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