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Re: bashing Detroit

Wolff wrote:
> About ten years ago a friend of mine from Flint told me about his
> experiences in an automobile factory in Michigan. If the guys on the
> line were in a bad mood, which I'm guessing was most of the time, they
> would do fun things like purposely _not_ stagger _all_ of the piston
> ring gaps in a motor.

In the previous life I once dated a girl who worked in the warranty
dept. of the largest Lada dealership in the city (she also was a Lada
tuner and a rally freak on top of that). She once told me in disbelief
that as they were chasing the mysterious lack of power in the new
shipment of cars from the factory they discovered that the gaps in all
three rings were lined up in the whole batch of cars!

> them now. He also said that the rumor that you should not buy a car that
> was made on Monday or Friday is 100% correct. On Monday everyone was
> hung over or in a bad mood about having to come back to work, and on
> Friday everyone just wanted to get the heck out of the factory so they
> did a poor job.

This was very well described in "The Wheels" by my favourite American
writer Arthur Hailey.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.